Taxation is Theft

Taxation is nothing but a euphemism for armed robbery.

When you are told, "your land or your money", you are either being robbed, or simply renting the land that you supposedly own from the government.

In a libertarian society there is no need for taxation; as all of the services,  currently provided by the government, are provided by the free market via either user fees or donations.

There are steps that those in power could take, TODAY,  to pave the way for a more free and just society.

Property taxes currently fund county services such as sheriff and road plowing. Private businesses have a vested interest in providing these services in the absence of government; and can generate profit while establishing a respected niche within the community.  

In the event that citizens designate township government as the service provider of choice; those services should be paid for by those who directly use them. Business owners, who wish for their employees and customers to have convenient and safe transportation; and insurance companies wishing to reduce claims; have vested interest in subsidizing public services such as roads.