Government Transparency

While governments exist they must be as clear and open as possible in order for the community to have the most say and understanding of what the government is doing to ensure that individual rights are protected. 

The Michigan Open Meetings Act was established to ensure that local governments allowed any member of the community to participate and observe the deliberative process of local government. 

While the law is written in relation to formal meetings, informal discussions are bound to happen. But elected officials should whenever possible go out of there way to ensure that public comment is available and our community is made aware of how decisions are made. 

The current Township board may not have broken the letter-of-the-law in relation to Michigan's Open Meetings Act, but the number of "meetings" that took place withou formal agenda and open deliberative process doesn't quite pass the smell test. 

Anytime you see any governing body passing unamious motions without ammednment can almost always point to shady closed door shenanginans prior to the official meeting. Last time I checked most all of the boards votes where unamious. A Libertarian on the board with put a stop to that.