Jim was born, in 1983, in his family's home in North Las Vegas. In 1989, his family relocated to Wisconsin to pursue farming; instilling within Jim virtues of hard work and honest wages. Jim is a proud born again Christian and, throughout his journeys, has come to realize that his public service is an extension of spiritual testimony.

Jim's long-term involvement in the Boy Scouts inspired him to serve his country in the US Coast Guard Reserve after high school. Basic training provided insight to how large the world was; and how expansive (and wasteful) government had become; culminating in Jim joining the Libertarian Party. Jim served as  a senior ranking reservist on-board the USCGC Buckthorn.

Jim has a BS in Political Science, and has completed Software Engineering training at Oakland Community College. He is currently employed as a Systems Engineer in the automotive industry; and has lived in Armdad, with his wife Suzanne and Daughter Zebedee, since 2017. They welcomed their newest daughter to the community in Spring of 2020. .

Jim has observed the government waste in every aspect of his life; whether public schools, the Coast Guard, or the heavily subsidized automotive industry. Change Starts at Home, and with individuals voluntarily helping each other. Running for this office is not simply to help protect your property, but to gain momentum in eliminating force and coercion as viable tactics to acheiving political and social goals.