Open the Water Market

Our neighbors to the north, in Flint, have been forced to suffer unprecedented hardship. The Flint Water Crisis, and the negligence of government officials, are now at the top of many Michigander's minds.

The Great Lakes Water Authority was created to serve all wholesale water, and wastewater, customers of both  the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and the City of Detroit. Oakland County appoints one representative to the Great Lakes Water Authority.

My opponent has proposed that government take a larger role in the water market; in interest of preventing future public health crises. As well-meaning as this may seem; government monopoly on the water system is what made this situation possible in the first place.  

Flint did not seek competition in the market to reduce costs while improving services; they simply opted out of the services (in this case, the GLWA)  that would prevent poisonous water from funnelling into citizens' homes. The resulting political storm forewent addressing the root of the problem in lieu of partisan propaganda.

Free Market  regulation; in which  service providers either benefit from happy and  healthy customers, or the lose their customers to competition; is a natural answer to short sighted schemes.