Jim Fulner

Oakland County Commission, District 19

Jim believes that voting for Woodward, or any other politician, won't change anything... Now is the time for Michiganders to take to the streets and start their own libertarian revolution.

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District 19, home to the Detroit Zoo, is just three miles north of "8 Mile Road" along Detroit's northern border. Known for our blue collar past; we have transitioned into a meeting point between generations of union retirees, white collar families, and "hipster" entrepreneurs who strive to make our little slice of Michigan special. Metro Detroit, while sometimes derided by those less familiar with us, is a community on the rise. Not content with simply wishing a return to the "glory days", we are creating OUR glory days in OUR hometown. We love the Tigers, the Lions, and the Detroit City Football Club.

Berkley, and Royal Oak, are the heart of Oakland County. We’re a suburban community, with a downtown feel, who strives on our ethnic and economic diversity. Over  the last decade, I have witnessed small businesses pick up the community by the boot straps, adjust to the changing demographics, and grow  beyond a simple manufacturing community. We have some of the coolest restaurants;  people WANT to be in our neighborhoods; and we are home to some of Southeast Michigan’s most helpful community service groups. Most importantly;  we’ve done it all, IN SPITE of government regulations.

Wouldn’t you like to see what our potential REALLY is?

Jim Fulner is a Systems Engineer; and brings that high level overview to the politics of public and private interactions.

An Engineer's perspective is to find the root cause of the issue, and tackle that issue head on; rather than simply addressing symptoms. 

Jim doesn’t have to take sides the way the old Detroit politicians do. We know that, without labor, there is no capital; but it is equally true that without capital there is no labor. 

Communities ultimately strive when they acheive their full potential for freedom.